Top 8 Must Visit Campgrounds in Southern California

There are many things that make Southern California unique ranging from the perfect weather to the abundance of movie stars that reside there. However So Cal also offers a diverse selection of camping options. Whether you prefer camping in the mountain, in the desert, or on the beach, these are some of the best campsites… Read more »

Flying with Camping Gear? What You Can and Can’t Bring

If you’re traveling to a camping destination and not driving, one thing you might overlook is how to get all of your gear through airport security. Although some TSA and FAA regulations are common sense, others are more nuanced and can change based on how you plan on packing certain items. In this guide we’ll take a… Read more »

Day Pack Reviews: The Best Day Packs by Price

daypack reviews

Daypacks are easily the most common hiking and camping packs on the market.  Because of that, this class of backpack shows great range from packs built for daily casual use to those made for serious scavengers. Let’s take a look at some of the best reviewed daypacks and discuss where on the spectrum they fall. If… Read more »

Military/Tactical Pack Reviews: The Best Military/Tactical Packs By Price

For some outdoor enthusiasts, terms like “military” or “tactical” might sound a bit intimidating or simply unnecessary for their light hiking or camping trips. However what civilians love about these packs are the multiple compartments they offer that allow you to not only carry a lot of gear but also keep it all organized. Let’s take… Read more »

Essential Camping Tips to Save Your Trip from Disaster

Each year millions of families leave behind their electronics and modern conveniences to experience the outdoors first hand. Camping is an enduring American pastime that still has its place among the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s also a hobby that attracts many different types of people. While some more experienced campers may prefer… Read more »