Camping Tips

Flying with Camping Gear? What You Can and Can’t Bring

If you’re traveling to a camping destination and not driving, one thing you might overlook is how to get all of your gear through airport security. Although some TSA and FAA regulations are common sense, others are more nuanced and can change based on how you plan on packing certain items. In this guide we’ll take a… Read more »

Essential Camping Tips to Save Your Trip from Disaster

Each year millions of families leave behind their electronics and modern conveniences to experience the outdoors first hand. Camping is an enduring American pastime that still has its place among the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s also a hobby that attracts many different types of people. While some more experienced campers may prefer… Read more »

A few months ago I came across and really enjoyed all the information it has to offer regarding aerial, topo and road maps.  In fact, I recently used it for a 2-day jaunt in the mountains of northern Arizona and the topo data was invaluable. Check out the site here: