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About Mighty Billy Goat

Do you really want to go from website to website reading reviews and watching videos trying to figure out what is the best equipment for your needs? And then once you do find the right equipment starting the process all over again to find the best price?

No thanks. We’d rather spend those hours on a trail enjoying the outdoors. That’s why we created Mighty Billy Goat. The “Goat” searches the Internet for hiking and camping gear product reviews along with the latest prices and discounts/coupons. We then aggregate all of the data so you can quickly see the cumulative product rating from actual users all over the world. We even add product review videos so you can see the gear in action. Of course we want your feedback too so we have a convenient review rating system that adds your reviews to what we find on the web.

Once you find an item of interest we make it as easy as possible to find the best price and any current coupons or discounts from your favorite outdoor retailers, such as Moosejaw, Amazon, etc. Why spend all day on Google looking for reviews and prices when we do all the hard work for you? We hope you enjoy being a part of the Mighty Billy Goat community and of course we’re always open to feedback and suggestions.

Cheers 🙂

Mighty Billy Goat