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Backpacks Reviews: The Best Backpacks by Price

Shopping for the right backpack can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. With multiple categories of packs with numerous options, picking one that will fit your needs can often be a tall order.  Let’s take a look at seven different categories of packs ranging in size and features and highlight the best reviewed bag in each category. One of… Read more »

Day Pack Reviews: The Best Day Packs by Price

daypack reviews

Daypacks are easily the most common hiking and camping packs on the market.  Because of that, this class of backpack shows great range from packs built for daily casual use to those made for serious scavengers. Let’s take a look at some of the best reviewed daypacks and discuss where on the spectrum they fall. If… Read more »

Military/Tactical Pack Reviews: The Best Military/Tactical Packs By Price

For some outdoor enthusiasts, terms like “military” or “tactical” might sound a bit intimidating or simply unnecessary for their light hiking or camping trips. However what civilians love about these packs are the multiple compartments they offer that allow you to not only carry a lot of gear but also keep it all organized. Let’s take… Read more »

Multi-Day Pack Reviews: The Best Multi-Day Backpacks by Price

Bigger than a daypack, smaller than an expedition pack, multi-day packs are considered midsize bags for trips typically lasting two to five days.  Today we’ll take a look at some of the best reviewed multi-day packs and talk about what makes each one special. First on our list is the Arc’Teryx Altra 65. Comfortable, light,… Read more »

Expedition Pack Reviews: The Best Expedition Backpacks by Price

If you’re headed out into the wilderness for more than a few nights, finding the right expedition pack is a must. In addition to getting one that will adjust to your body and be easy to carry, you must also consider the gear you’ll be bringing and the best way to organize it. Before we dive into… Read more »