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Day Pack Reviews: The Best Day Packs by Price

Daypacks are easily the most common hiking and camping packs on the market.  Because of that, this class of backpack shows great range from packs built for daily casual use to those made for serious scavengers. Let’s take a look at some of the best reviewed daypacks and discuss where on the spectrum they fall.

If “top of line” is defined both by price and number of features, the Kelty Tactical Raver 2500 fits the bill. With plenty of compartments and pockets, a rain cover, and optional hydration capabilities,daypack reviews this bag is ready for anything.

The next pack on our list is a daypack designed for women: the Gregory Jade 28. The Jade is ergonomically designed for females and this shows in the bag’s high ratings for overall comfort.  Another area where the pack excels is the number of storage compartments that fit a wide variety of equipment and supplies.

Deuter’s ACT Trail 32 and 28 are both well-regarded for their quality and comfort. Each pack’s top-loading design provides an easy way to hold plenty of cargo, albeit without as much ability to organize it as some of the tactical packs offer.  The 32 offers a bit more room than the 28, but both packs are very similar in style.

Next up is the Black Diamond Speed 22.  This backpack is designed for lighter packers or non-overnight trips. Still the pack is rugged enough for use in the wilderness but casual enough for everyday use.

While many of the packs on this list offer hydration capability sold separately, the CambelBak Helena 22 comes fully integrated with the feature CamelBak is known for.  In addition this pack has plenty of room to fit all of the supplies you’ll need for your day trip.

Also on the smaller side is the Deuter AC Lite 22.  Despite its size the AC Lite is built with many of the features you’d find on a larger pack including a strong frame and ventilation system.  The backpack also has trekking pole/ice pick loops making it a good climbing pack as well.

Our last item is designed for the younger members of your family.  The Osprey Zip 25 is great for hiking and camping trips as well as conquering the most challenging adventure of all: school.  Even though it’s designed for tweens, this pack is also a strong option for petite adults under 5′ 6″.

When choosing the perfect daypack there are many things to consider.  From having a pack you can quickly throw a day’s worth of hiking supplies in to packs that will get you through a long night in great outdoors, what qualifies as “the best” will come down to you and your needs.  No matter what you’re looking for in a daypack, these selections should help point you in the right direction.






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