Military/Tactical Pack Reviews: The Best Military/Tactical Packs By Price

For some outdoor enthusiasts, terms like “military” or “tactical” might sound a bit intimidating or simply unnecessary for their light hiking or camping trips. However what civilians love about these packs are the multiple compartments they offer that allow you to not only carry a lot of gear but also keep it all organized. Let’s take a look at some of the best reviewed military/tactical backpacks you may want to recruit for your next excursion.

Since members of the armed forces have missions lasting from one day to several weeks, Kelty offers military and tactical packs in a number of sizes. On the large side is the Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850. This expedition pack can easily hold everything you’ll need on your journey while still being comfortable.

In the multi-day pack category is the Tactical Falcon 4000.  This backpack is good for carrying 3-4 days worth of supplies out in the wilderness including a sleeping bag. The pack is also easily adjustable to fit a number of body types and torso sizes.

If you’re looking for a daypack, the Tactical Raven 2500 and Tactical Strike 2300 are great options.  Both hold a surprising amount of gear for such a reasonably sized bag. Users also praise the design for seemingly having a storage place for every piece of gear you would conceivably need.

Also in the daypack category is the Tactical MAP 3500. Despite the number in the model name, the MAP 3500 actually holds the same amount of gear as the Strike 2300.  Feedback from real world users includes liking the MAP for casual use as well as actual military operation. In fact five star reviews came from both people utilizing the pack in Afghanistan as well as those using is as a travel carry-on.

Finally there is the Tactical Sling.  This pack is perfect for short hikes where you won’t need a lot of gear. Still it has enough room for food, water, and emergency supplies making it a great, light weight companion.

Kelty has built their brand around packs that are combat quality. With tons of space and unique organization elements, their military and tactical bags have become favorites amongst hikers and climbers. No matter what size pack you need for your adventure these selections are sure to serve you well.







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